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Hinoki & the Bird is an imaginative dining concept that pushes modern Californian cooking to vibrant new bounds. Taking cues from travels through the Silk Road, the restaurant serves as a colourful kaleidoscope where bright flavours, a healthy sensibility and technique harmoniously collide.

Like many great chefs, Kuniko Yagi received no formal culinary training, but the artistic drive had always been with her. After graduating from Ferris College in Tokyo, Yagi began a career in finance working at Gunmai Bank. It was not long before she realized that the structured world of banking was not her professional calling and she decided to take a leap of faith.

She left her native Japan for the United States seeking inspiration that luckily did not take long to appear. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Yagi began to work as a server in a Japanese noodle house where she discovered her affinity for gastronomy. She was inspired by the energy of a kitchen and the pleasure that a chef can bring to guests through the creativity on a plate.  One day, she struck up a conversation with a customer about the new passion she was unearthing and soon discovered he was a chef himself, at one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city no less: Sona. 
 Sona’s chef, David Myers was moved by the way Yagi articulated her desire to cook, something that he usually found in much more seasoned professionals, and suggested that she stage in the Sona kitchen to see if her culinary aspirations translated into reality.

Yagi was up to the challenge.  She found that the blend of traditional and modern flavors with which Myers improvised perfectly suited her and her unwavering work ethic was an asset in the breakneck world of professional kitchens.  Myers immediately recognized her dedication and offered her a coveted full time position on the Sona team, something for which other chefs worked years to even be considered.  Yagi’s innate culinary skill combined with strong determination, led to her rapid advancement through the ranks of the kitchen where she worked her way from the amuse station to the sous chef position in three years.

As is often seen with chefs, Yagi did not follow a conventional career path, but she followed her heart and worked tirelessly to achieve her goals.  In 2007, Yagi was promoted to chef de cuisine, a role which allowed her to lead talented cooks.  Yagi later assisted with key Culinary Lab restaurant openings, including Comme Ça Las Vegas. Her passion informs her cooking with a unique sensibility and flavors which span the globe from East to West.

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Goldie’s is a modern, California-inspired restaurant located on 3rd Street in the heart of Los Angeles. With a resolute philosophy of incorporating only local, sustainable ingredients of the highest quality into everything on the menu, Goldie’s proudly serves seasonal cuisine, wine and cocktails. 
Featuring a selection of small plates and family-style dishes, the Goldie’s menu offers simple and approachable dishes handcrafted by our renowned team of chefs using old-world techniques that celebrate the flavor and freshness of each ingredient. 
The award-winning cocktail program is designed in the same fashion, making use of small batch products and fresh, seasonal ingredients to create artisanal, yet unpretentious libations that can be enjoyed with a friend at the bar, accompanied by a few snacks, or with a meal. 
Rovin Raven loves bringing information from our local hood to around the world, but the connection here is that the owner Nick Mathers was born and raised in Australia and moved to NYC in the early 2000’s. 
In 2003 he opened his first restaurant, bringing Australian cuisine to lower Manhattan. Ruby’s garnered success and buzz for Mathers, who then partnered with Ralph Lauren in Washington D.C. to create and co-produce Rugby Food and Spirits. Since the launch of Ruby’s and Rugby, Mathers has gone on to develop several other restaurants under his flagship in New York including Kingswood Restaurant and Dudley’s. In 2010, Mathers introduced his Los Angeles expansion with Eveleigh. 
Located on Sunset Blvd, Eveleigh’s architectural space was personally designed by Mathers and has been praised for its stunning aesthetic. In March of 2013, Mathers opened his newest concept, Goldie’s, which he also personally designed. Since it’s opening Goldie’s has been lauded for its cocktail program, California-inspired dishes, casual, mid-century modern décor and intimate ambience. 
The Australian connections continues with Thomas Lim, Executive Chef beginning his career in Western Australia and as the apprentice chef to world renowned Tetsuya... couldn't get any better than this partnership. 
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*NEW* Ku-ring-gai Aquatic Centre

Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre (formerly known as West Pymble Pool) was originally opened by Ku-ring-gai Council in 1969. Set amongst the leafy surroundings of West Pymble. The long-awaited Ku-ring-gai Fitness & Aquatic Centre is now open!
Ku-ring-gai Council set aside $17 million to create the new facility, which has attracted patrons from across Ku-ring-gai and beyond. The YMCA has partnered with Council to operate the Centre and offer a range of fitness and swimming classes.
25m heated Indoor Pool
50m heated Outdoor Pool
Health Club
Creche & heated baby pool & water playground
Disability access & parking
Cafe & free parking

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Hipster babies wait no more!!

Huxbaby is a unisex fashion label with a sustainable ethos. 
Uber cool but incredibly practical for babies on the go. 

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NORTH Magazine

In an era when most people are claiming that print is dead (big call), these guys are making sure that print will never die. With a quality publication like this on offer to a highly targeted demographic (northern beaches hipsters) I live in hope that other publishers will follow suit. 

North Media are based in Avalon and to be honest I know little about them, other than they are offering a FREE quarterly press publication which is of the standard of any of the top publishing houses. 

What I love about NORTH is that they have taken a newspaper format, which most read and discard or if you're like me use for the bottom of your bird cage ;) and have turned it into a coffee table centre piece. 

I'm proud to have my NORTH magazine on my desk or at home, displayed for all to see and enjoy because I value the effort that has gone into making this such a beautiful publication. 

Pick up your copy and start supporting publishers that redefine the future of media - it's not all about iPads and Online, sometimes the old school hard copy you can touch, feel and enjoy is the way to go. 

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Two words for you people... Habanero Margarita!!!

Barrio Chino is located on Bayswater Road, Kings Cross and is open Tuesday to Sundays. 

Mexican cuisine has come a long way and by far Barrio Chino is the best Mexican experience in Sydney. We are yet to try Mejico located on Pitt Street having heard amazing reviews, but for now Barrio Chino is it for us. 

Celebrating our families birthday last weekend, the highlight for me was the Habanero Margarita. Let me warn you now... this is not for the faint hearted, and if you are like us and think you can handle your chilli well think again - this baby has got a kick and its awesome!!!!

Habanero infused with a habanero salt rim... mmmmmmmm pleasure and pain.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Kiosk at Clontarf

Clonny's at Clontarf is gone and replaced with a family friendly, super tasty selection of treats and delights for the happy crowds that congregate around the beautiful foreshore. Unlike most other tourist traps, The Kiosk serves up the best burgers this side of town for less than $15 each. We were also super impressed by the fresh grilled salmon and chips on offer as well as the boutique range of tea by The Rabbit Hole. Visit them today. More information at