Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Did you know that 77% of the retail wine market in Australia is owned by Woolworths and Coles. 

Now whilst we are not looking at putting these companies down as they do create thousands of jobs for the communities we are concerned about the power over certain industries like the wine market. 

Naked Wines is a fantastic company that essentially brings the winemakers to your door. I purchased my first Naked Wine case with a new member discount. I receive 15 bottles of gorgeous wine from all around Australia, from wine makers I had never heard of for $35 with free delivery to my door. 

In addition to their great service, they allow you to review each wine online so others can support. They also have an amazing initiative supporting the wine industry called Naked Angels. 

If you are a wine connoisseur, please visit and give them a go. You will be incredibly surprised and I almost guarantee you will never purchase wine again from anywhere else. 

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