Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hubby and I took a break last weekend and headed up to beautiful Seal Rocks which is part of the Myall Lakes National Park about 50km north of Newcastle, just past Nelsons Bay. Seal Rocks is a magical area and really feels like you have stepped back in time, back to the 80’s when life was simple and you spent your day surfing, eating and hanging out. Time, in fact, seems to stop here, the days are so long and you feel so relaxed. The fishing (they say) is pretty great, and the surfing is just spectacular. If you are not into either, the beaches to walk, swim and enjoy are amazing – crystal blue waters with abundant marine life. I love that development seems to have completely missed this town, apparently the locals think this is perfect, so take note of the dirt road in and out of area, just adds to the charm I think!

We stayed in the log cabin at Treachery Camp http://www.treacherycamp.com.au/ , great spot as you had access to both Lighthouse Beach and Treachery Beach. The log cabins are separate to the main camping ground, set up on the hill with water views, very private and quiet. Perfect.

The other accommodation options include Seal Rocks Holiday Park http://www.sealrocksholidaypark.com.au and my favourite for next time – Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse http://www.sealrockslighthouseaccommodation.com.au/

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